If you are a marketer, an entrepreneur, or a business owner online

If you are a marketer, an entrepreneur, or a business owner online… …chances are that you want to generate more and more leads and sales. Personally, I look for that all the time. I am attending a free call in a couple of days to learn more about that from one-of-the-best in the online industry  - Unlimited, Unique Video Content In Minutes - Incredibly Easy To Use Even For Newbies - 1-Click Transcribe, Add Voice Over (In Any Language) To Help Businesses Scale Internationally - Create & sell engaging Sales Videos, Video Sales Letters, Animated Videos, Explainer Videos, Facebook Marketing Videos, Video Ads and a lot more… Grab untapped buyers from untapped markets by launching 23x more international campaigns with the same old content  The first-to-market app instantly repurposes any royalty free traffic without hiring anyone  No need to create videos from scratch, repurpose old content and transform into money-making machines  Listen, there are a few reasons why you should be ACTIVELY ranking for non-English keywords (and content).     For starters - English ONLY accounts for 25% of web traffic.     Then - English ONLY accounts for 40% of the content on YouTube. It's REALLY difficult to rank for videos and keywords in English. The market is VERY saturated.     Look at the example on the right.     If you want to rank for "SEO Marketing Basics", you will be competing with 651,000 results on YouTube. 85% of online shoppers need access to information in their native language before making a purchase…     ...and 90% of Europeans prefer browsing the web in their first language! That’s a ton of Facebook views, clicks and cash that businesses and video marketers leave on the table each day.  Foreign speaking markets buy more stuff! When Best Buy launched a website in Spanish, people spent twice as much money as English-speaking customers!  Up to 22 of every 1,000 Americans have a severe hearing impairment or are deaf… and that’s just the U.S!  23% of people are buying stuff online while at work every day, often watching your videos with the sound off so they don’t get into trouble with their boss!  GrabVid COUPON CODE

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